Radiant Back 4

Midtown is limiting this to 1 per person. TFAW still has it in stock limit of 3 per person.

Has anyone gotten a chance to read it?

I think I got a review copy to read but I hadn’t read since the first issue as it didn’t really win me over so these got pushed lower down on the read priority list for me.

Supposedly this one turns up the volume after the slow prior issues and there is a surprise ending. Was wondering if its simply hype or something akin to We Live 5.

I just skimmed it and looks like a death occurs… while a new person takes control of the Radiant Black… I get the impression I’m gonna have to read the other issues to really know what’s going on.

Here’s the last page of the issue…


Thank you!

wait so they kill the main guy, and replace him? has new person appeared in any other issues before this

I’ve enjoyed the first 2 issues, I haven’t read 3 or 4 yet. A bonus for me has been the sweet covers.

I can’t recall but I think that’s the main dudes best friend…

My opinion:

The covers: A
The interior art: A
The story: F

I’m inherently drawn to art, so I’ve bought more of these than I should have, but the story has been “Shadecraft” level bad for me. I can’t imagine Radiant or Shadecraft were written like this originally. I’m guessing an editor came in and said, “We need to get XXX sales in 3 issues or we’re toast, so let’s skip all of this context and story building and get to action immediately. If we survive 3 issues, we’ll come back to building the story.”

It sucks. There is just zero build up or intrigue. I’m tired of issue 2 of these new series diving into what issue 5 should be. And, I think these are probably good writers that don’t want to write this way. I hope. Otherwise, yikes.

I’m out on this one, even though the art really drew me in. Maybe it survives to issue 10 and the story gets better.

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Yes. He appeared in issue 1. It’s Nathan’s best friend.

The letters section states that issues 1-3 happened for a reason. It’s possible Nathan is Radiant Red from a different timeline or dimension, I guess.

The first two issues were pretty meh. I dropped it, no regrets.

It’s possible Midtown has it at limit 1 is because I don’t think it was close to as well ordered as issues 1-3. That is based on a comment made by the author in a recent tweet about the orders for issue 4.

Maybe Midtown read an advance copy and put a limit on it to cover themselves.

Midtown randomly limits some books to 1. Maybe its them playing speculator. But there’s been books they’ve had at 1 that do nothing on the secondary market

Just finished this issue and I am confused… I’ll stick with it for one more issue but I may drop it.

It sucks because I found myself relating to Nathan, there was emotional investment happening on my end. Then poof. Perhaps he is Radiant Red as someone else said. We shall see.

I already sold all the incentive covers because I was afraid the series might not take off.I am just keeping all the Cover As.

I don’t get why they made Nathan Burnett die.Are they going to resurrect like him like they do in Dragon Ball Z?

Issue 5 is the end of the arc…maybe more gets revealed then. The author said issues 1-3 happened for a reason.

Issue 6 is an origin story about Radiant Red, not sure what comes next.