Radiant Black #1 TFAW Variant

Looks like TFAW has a reasonably priced variant for the upcoming Radiant Black #1. With the way their last variant is performing I went ahead and grabbed one


Thanks, I bought one too for the same reason.

It looks awesome. Does anyone know the print run? I will probably buy it regardless.

Looks like 500

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After they burn and destroy 2500 to make it even more “exclusive”… :wink:


And then they’ll donate the ashes to people who live in places without access to fireplaces so that they can experience the smell of ash for themselves!

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Grabbed the max of 3. Thanks for the heads up, T Money.

That’s the Marvel way…maybe @Brendon can elaborate but I believe Image Has a much lower mom requirement on print runs.

This one isn’t my thing, so I believe I’ll pass. But I love the idea of 500 limited trade dress variants for $15 with no “virgin” variants. Keep ‘em coming!

I almost want to buy it just to support this kind of thing.


That cover checks a lot of boxes for me. Like the low print run and low price tag. Count me in.

It was a joke. Image, boom, etc all have much lower minimum orders for store exclusives, I believe it is 500.

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Yes, I just wanted to take another swipe at the comicexclusive guys…


soldout now

Well that is a good thing

I wasn’t on during the day and forgot. Missed out on this one.

Knew I should’ve grabbed a third copy!