RAI #0 Glossy vs Matte versions

As most know by now there are two versions of Rai #0. A glossy version and a matte version. All of the issues were supposed to be the matte version until smudges in or around the logo were noticed. A new paper stock (apparently more glossy) replaced smudgy paper stock and now we have two versions.

From what I have been able to find out and if correct both have gloss but the “glossy” version has more in certain areas. The glossy version basically has full gloss on the entire cover where the matte version has full gloss on the black and red parts of the book but less on the white part. This can be noticed when they are viewed in direct light.

When I hear about this comic the glossy version is pointed out as being harder to find. From the five copies I still have, four are glossy and one is matte (from the best I can tell). The matte version I have also has some of the color smudging in the logo that was the reason for the switch in paper in the first place. Side by side there is a difference if you know what to look for but I doubt most would notice if they weren’t told about it ahead of time.

Also, I could only find one Youtube video that explains the difference. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs69QQ6E9Fk). Does anyone else out there know of any other way to spot the differences between the two versions? Is that Youtube video even accurate? It does seems to be. After watching it I could see the differences in the matte vs. glossy copies that I own, but it would be nice to get other feedback.

With that, is the glossy version truly more rare? Was I just lucky with getting majority glossy over the matte version? I did sell some issues a while back when the movie was first announced but didn’t even know there were two versions at the time so who knows which ones I sold.

Anyway, just looking to see if anyone out there knows estimated print of the glossy vs the matte and if there are any other ways to tell differences between the two. I would like to know more before I put any up for sale. Last thing I ever want to do is rush a book out before I have enough info. So, is this variant truly rare or is it more of a selling gimmick?

(Tony and/or Poyo if you do not want this Youtube link on CHU please remove it)

YouTube link is fine. Thank you for sharing the info.

Thanks Tony. Just wanted to make sure. The Glossy version is more rare. I just don’t know if it is significantly more rare. Seems to be plenty out there. I’ve just wondered if it is something like 1:5, 1:10 or 1:20 compared to the regular matte version. From what I have seen, there doesn’t seem to be much more than any of those guesses. I could be wrong though. Have you heard anything?