Raising Dion

What you all think of Raising Dion on Netflix?

My kids found that browsing Netflix the other day. My wife was on travel and I needed them to settle down while I got some things done so i let them watch it. It didn’t appear to be inappropriate for 5/7 yr olds from what I did catch of it.

Kids seemed to like it.

Season 2 coming February 1st, 2022.


Big fan of the show.

Thought the cast was good especially the kids Ja’Siah Young and Sammi Haney :+1:

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when is issue #2 coming out

Same time Oblivion #2 comes out…

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I’ve heard good things.

I haven’t seen this because I thought I was cancelled after season 1. Once I’m caught up on marvel stuff I’ll give it a shot.