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I don’t know what I am holding out for, but think it might be the right time to list and sell my Boys issues. I liked the series and the show and think it is time to dig them out and sell them.

Also need to move quickly and sell my Proof #1. Loved that series but strike while the iron is hot.

Sell, “Boys,” now while it’s getting press again or RIGHT before the fifth and final season drops, but that would be awhile.

Sell it now, buy it back when it cools off if you miss it that much. Or pick up the trade!

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I had the whole series (1-72) and sold them after the first season came out.

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Hmm…you know, I’m sort of on that fence myself. I have 9.8 of the Boys #1.

The one thing about that book/series…it is a really fun talking point when it comes to showing my comics/collection to my friends/family (hell, the furnace check up guy even).

There are some comic books that have created a really good bridge between comic fans and people who say they aren’t comic fans (but they are and just don’t realize it). The Crow and Peacemaker also come to mind although there are other examples.

At any rate…I suppose YES to the question as there likely isn’t going to be a better window to sell…but this is a harder than usual decision.

How did walking dead #1 (9.8) pan out after the show ended?

How does it compare to today’s value?

I think it’s the best measuring stick for comparison if you’re trying to predict the future.

I think Walking Dead had a much bigger fan base though and reached heights The Boys hasn’t reached though. So likely a nice comparison but won’t be the same I think.

I do know most of the other WD issues towards the shows end as it started to lose popularity all started to drop dramatically from their high hey days… Looks like a quick search the most recent solds were 9.4 and 9.6 hovering between the $1200 - $1500 mark… these were easy $2k+ books at one time.

Recent The Boys #1 9.6 went for just $169…

I meant to look at as a trend, not as a direct comparison on values.

I believe WD may have dropped 1/2 the value after the show lingered and ended. But may have slightly rebounded with other spin off material…but likely did not recover to what it was at its pre-Covid peak (gotta throw away Covid numbers).

Hindsight being 20-20, how many WD 9.8 owners wound have sold before the show ended, and possibly bougbt it back later? Thats what I’m curious about if you look at the WD tend. I would expect a similar trend with this boom.

The other thing to consider is if you’re thinking you may want to buy it back (cheaper) in the future, what are the odds you’ll get a book in the same condition, especially the way CGC is lax with standards now, excepting of multiple color breaking spine ticks as 9.8?

Some of my books I’m just not willing to part with and take that chance, raw or graded.

Oh, that’s a given… indie type books always start to drop after the show is announced or then made, then overall interest seems to back off the collectibles after the initial hype.

I would say the best time to sell is announcements of show and then if show actually makes it with more positive reviews… negative reviews really seem to dampen the interest in the books thereafter.