Razorblades #2 Live With Special Offers

Get yourself a foil variant!


I got the 1 year premium sub. I’m a horror junkie so if I can’t make money on it I got some cool horror shit

$80 subscription? How many issues a year? It cost less to sign up for Marvel Unlimited and they got 10k+ comics available… Tynion must be saving up for his days after DC since they appear to be in trouble after the news hit today about distributing their crap… :wink:

Foil’s already gone, so I’ll just do digital.

They’re quarterly magazines that run $15 normally. The $80 premium sub comes with a copy of the 1st issue reprint, a pin, 5 postcard prints, and a collector’s box.

That certainly doesn’t convince me to give him $80… :thinking:

was 118, 38 dollars shipping lol. i passed. any future spec will be on issue 1

The foil might be hot at just 250 of them. Maybe?

Wasn’t this always up for sale on tiny onion remember seeing it when I was looking for department of truth foils

Only to you Tynion fanboys… meh… I’m not impressed. If I really want to read the stuff, I’ll just get the free digital copies… :slight_smile:

You do realize this is a quarterly magazine, with different, new stories in each issue…right ?

I just can’t see magazines (particularly at $15 a piece, 4 times a year) holding up long term hype/fomo and value.

I see this as residual income for Tynion. It’s like those people who sign up for gym memberships, they forget to cancel and keep sending money until after they’ve sent way too much… :wink:

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Tynion is taking advantage of his fan base (speculators, maybe readers too). Gotta cash in now before his star fades away like Bendis.


So, you’re telling me Lady and the Semen Demon and whatever that is on page #17-20 isn’t quality content? I like the book so far :slight_smile:

You get 5 books total for that $80 including the foil exclusive to #2. #1 2nd, #2 foil /250, and #3-#5. All 80 page books. Seemed like a fair deal to me.
" In addition to the Five Issues of Razorblades: The Horror Magazine, Premium Subscribers will receive a limited edition Razorblades collector’s box, a limited edition enamel pin, and five limited edition postcard prints (one per issue). These items will ONLY be available to premium subscribers."

The shipping total is for 4 different shipments over the course of the subscription. What is outlandish about that? :man_shrugging:

It’s your money I suppose… I wouldn’t spend that much on it…

For me this was a personal purchase. I mean there are some books I wouldn’t even spend $5 on to try and flip. :wink:

Oh I’m a huge advocate of buy what you like… now, since you’ve proven you got a lot of spare cash around to buy things, will you buy me some things… :wink:

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Got #5 in the mail. I did the premium subscription. If this is the “collector’s box” that was supposed to be included, it’s some lame cheap ass shit…

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