Reborn hires writer for Netflix series

Show is going into early stages probably still cheap. Books been talked about twice before here on CHU, but actual movement of hiring a show writer is good news. One of my favorite Jock covers ever for this books #1 cover D. I bought this preordered based off the cover art not knowing what the book would even be about.

This is my favorite cover…

Yes, Francavilla commission from Mondocon.


I still have the Jock cover and it’s signed by him too :grin:

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That Jock cover is a beaut. I picked one up for my Jock collection :hushed:. The McFarlane ratio book should be good one for Reborn #1 too.

I feel like the Millar Netflix series are taking forever, but still chugging along. The Jupiter’s Legacy/Children one might be cool. I actually liked that series a bit, despite Millar’s over-the-top tendencies. I’m not sure if I liked it because he was more low-key or due to the stellar artwork by Frank Quietly.