Recent Kevin Feige Interview

A few interesting things in here…

I’m lazy, tell me what’s interesting in it!

He seemed to really emphasize Ms. Marvel and how much of a role she’ll have going forward. Says she steals the show in The Marvels.

Fantastic Four will be very integral to the basic groundwork of things in the future. (I suppose that isn’t surprising but I feel like they seem very important to him, that he is a big fan of them)

Blade is set to film and in a good spot. films in 10 weeks.

Future for Moon knight regardless of a season 2 or not.

Confirm R rating for new Deadpool.

Compared “The Marvels” movie to a essential beginning like Avengers. Maybe lip service but he indicated it’s important as a film.

Very high on Kang and just how impactful he will be.

He was specifically tight lipped on the topic of mutants and acknowledged that.

So… nothing crazy but I think I’ll pull my Ms. marvel books out of my sale box and keep em in “hold” status lol.


I feel like Kevin Feige has confirmed deadpool 3 being rated R like 20 times, im surprised people keep needing him to say that


I think it’s similar to children wanting the reassurance provided by a parent telling them there’s no boogey man in the closet. You just want to keep hearing it over and over for your own peace of mind. :slight_smile: