Recommendations for Other Welcoming Comic Book Sites/Communities?

I am really really enjoying these forums. Thank you!

My only complaint is now I crave even MORE content and discussion, perhaps more than one site can provide.

I do not know if its appropriate for me to ask for recommendations for other sites. I sorta feel like its asking my wife if she knows of any awesome single people out there I can date. If that’s the case with my recommendation request, dear powers that be, please do delete this thread.

If kosher, what are your recommendations for sites and or other communities? My one stipulation is that the site/community are generally welcoming but I’m willing to go to a site that’s less welcoming if the content is valuable…or at least entertaining.

Either way, I remain faithful to CHU. (Would proudly wear a CHU shirt if there was one, especially if the shirt was designed by whoever designed the Jablinski Gaming Merch.)

If your looking for discussions I would suggest the Facebook groups. I know several of us are members, probably others as well.

The one I check often is :

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I get ya and know the feeling. As I can’t suggest many others (all my time is invested in CHU for the most part), all I can say is keep coming back to CHU and the forums here. The forums are only a month old and we hope they continue to grow with more members that generate great discussions and conversations with all the happenings going on in the comic book industry.

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As a Forum Fan for many, many years, and a PC User that goes back to BBS and USENET … it takes time for a Forum to grow its Base … and maintain a solid core of regular contributors …


CHU (both sites) is part of my regular website rotation I hit up at least a handful of time each day.

Except for Tuesdays.

Tuesday evenings I hit refresh as if I’m waiting to buy event tickets.