Great Cimmerian Crom-ic Book Goodness ! The Amazing talent of Shannon Maer delivers a Fantastical Virgin cover art for RED SONJA: BIRTH OF THE SHE DEVIL #1, Limited to just 500 Editions & sold through, The Comic Mint, and literally within seconds of the book going up for purchase all copies, including a very limited amount of 9.8 CGC & some CGC Signed editions, SELLS OUT. The cover art from Shannon is divine, with a stunningly attractive countenance & appearance of Red Sonja. This for me is the look of the actress required for the Big Screen Movie remake, when it finally comes to be.
Did anyone manage to grab themselves one of these ? Editions are already posting up on Ebay, and selling, at three to four times the original asking price ! Amazing, but what a lovely comic book edition it is.
Thankfully I was able to snap one up from the great folk at 7ate9 , who also had a limited amount up for grabs, but also sold out their full allotment in double quick time.
This is a HOT one that could get even hotter ?!

It’s a cool cover but I’m just not a Red Sonja type of buyer or collector. I’m also on a store variant no buying stance…

I have seen and heard some sketchy things about 7ate9. The one that comes to mind is when they tried some shenanigans when it was revealed late that Mattina would be doing the cover for Spawn #283. I believe they bought out diamond then started pumping the book and selling it an inflated pre sale price, for cover A! From my experience, buyer beware.

And for those who purchase a raw copy, as opposed to the guaranteed 9.8s, what condition do you think your raw copy will be? Considering the 500 copies will be picked through in order to fast track the pre sold guaranteed 9.8s, I would expect your raw copies to be 9.6 or less. Boo-urns.

Hey there jcLu. I have absolutely nothing to do with 7ate9 whatsoever ! I live in the UK so was thankful for being able to have what is in fact a Comic Book Mint, USA based, release, made available to purchase by a far more accessable means. I attached the link purely to allow any that are interested the opportunity to see the item & its lovely artwork to appreciate & perhaps allow for any small other opportunity of seeking out a copy for themselves.
Comics Heating Up is a fantastic place for comic book folk, & the forums are a welcome way to share information & courtesy to fellow collectors.
It is unfortunate that my first sharing post here on the forum has been met with such a pithy response !

Lots of people are soured on store variants so these are the most kinda comments you will get. It’s a nice cover I dig the other two covers available at comicmint by the same artist. The Harley looks good but proportions are kinda weird. My Red Sonya collection goes as far as Conan #23 and #24 and I don’t own a single Dynamite book so I wouldn’t be a customer. But I appreciate the information and thanks for your post.

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Thank you Alana. Sharing was my sole purpose of posting. I fully appreciate & respect peoples views on the variants issue. You are not wrong at all on Shannon Maer’s Harley Dceased cover art, again Far too many variants !, as the face is fabulous, but there is indeed something off putting about the body proportions. Red Sonja books are far from my cup of tea, but the stunning beauty that is captured for the cover art is great credit to shannon & I for one appreciate greatly. I guess it works both ways, but too many folk are quick to criticise & poor to acknowledge. All concerned in making comic books, of which we are fans, have a job to do & deadlines to meet, & just like everyday jobs folk need a pick me up, just as much as the occassional kicking, but it should not always be a one way taking to task !
Really enjoying having Conan back in comics by the way. Hoping now for Mr. Schwarzenneger to pass over these poor recent film choices & go all gung ho for a rip roaring perfect fit for him with King Conan :smile:


Please do not let the responses discourage you from future postings.

He could do an “Old Man Conan” movie… :wink:

I am sorry if I offended you. If you frequent Chu often, it is well known that i am totally sour on store variants and I will not hesitate to voice my opinion. But, just because we dont see eye to eye on this subject, please dont read it as a knock against you as an individual. All opinions are welcome here.
But seriously, why share the link to the store after the book is sold out, and can now only be purchased for inflated prices on the secondary market? Why not provide just an image, or better yet, the link before the book is sold out?

I had to look pithy up. I did not know that what that word meant/implied. From my brief research;
‘A pithy phrase or statement is brief but full of substance and meaning. Proverbs and sayings are pithy ; newspaper columnists give pithy advice. The root of this word is pith, which refers to the spongy tissue in plant stems, or the white part under the skin of citrus fruits.’ I wonder what it means on the other side of the pond. :thinking:

Perhaps it’s the “forcefully expressive” portion of “pithy”… That’s how I took it but could be mistaken.

Isn’t it great that one of the ideals of comic book reading is not only in the expanding of our imagination but also in introducing phraseology. From a very young age reading comic books introduced me to wonderful worlds & words & phrases. Dr. Strange as a great example with his Sanctum Sanctorum :wink:
Pithy also implies, ‘terse and vigorously expressive’, as you do so correctly define good sir.

Agreed. Thank you.