Red Sonja FOC Stray Dogs Cover (Fleecs)

If you guys are like me, you love Stray Dogs and either loaded up or sold for some great profit (I did both). Anyway, Tony Fleecs of Stray Dogs fame did a special FOC cover for Red Sonja #2. This was a special FOC cover, you can see it below:

Do you know when this was solicited? How much lead time have people had to grab this?

Dynamite announced it on Sep 10.

Also covers for Army of Darkness: 1979 #2, and Vampirella #25.

(AoD is my favorite…)

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I preordered a couple copies. Seen it on Sat/sun

Man… Totally missed these. Need to find that AoD!

Did you onload all? Curious if you think there is room for long term holds on issue#1

I posted this a few days ago in the MEGA FOC thread…


I don’t believe any but Red Sonja have actually been solicited yet by Dynamite. Army of Darkness is on FOC this week so my guess is it comes in email tomorrow as an FOC variant.

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TY and added!