Reliable Comic Pressers in the Los Angeles Area?

Hi, a buddy and I bought some great comics and we’re looking for some comic book pressers in the Los Angeles area that we can try out. My friend is a card collector that I’m introducing to comics and we got some nice books that we want to get pressed. I could do it myself but some of the books are rather pricey at cgc 9.8s and they’re not all my comics so I’d rather let a professional do it and send them in for grading.

Anyone you guys recommend and use before? Thanks in advanced.

I taught myself how to press, clean books, etc. I’ve been doing it for years now and I can tell you pressing companies will not press a book properly because the entire process simply takes too long. Sure they may wipe it down with a cotton swab and toss it in the press for fifteen minutes, but that is about all you are going to get.

When I press a book (a single book) the entire process can take anywhere from a week to four weeks. depending on what all needs to be done. There are several steps involved in the process and pressing companies will not do it. They aren’t going to remove odor if it’s an old funky book, that takes too long. They aren’t going to wait a week and make sure the book doesn’t ripple after pressing, that takes too long. Do you want advanced treatments like UV light, that’s definitely not going to be done.

My advice to you is hone your skills. You will be happier doing it yourself because you will feel it was done right. Pick up KaptainMyke’s two books on Amazon, he put out a wealth of information. Check out paper conservation websites for tips and tricks. There are also a ton of youtube videos out there to watch.

Come on Wasabi, you can do it!


Hi PreCode, thanks for the reply and tips. I have made a similar post like yours in the past urging other CHU members to learn how to press their own books. My reasoning is that pressers won’t take the time and care like you mentioned on pressing books that’s not theirs.

I have learned to press my own books and have gotten really good at it. Been doing it for several months and have been pressing books getting them from VFs to NM+ and flipping them. Usually these books are in the $100 dollar range and like you said can take me sometimes up to a week or several weeks to get them right and involves multiple presses to get them perfect. There’s zero chance pressers especially the ones at CGC will be doing that for you. I’m just honing my skills right now until I get to be comfortable doing books like Hulk 181 etc.

I am visiting LA for a short period of time and have been introducing him into comic books. He’s a card collector and have been very excited about the hobby. We just bought some books like Transformers #1 for a very great price and he’s currently in contact to buy a collection of comics from someone, 25 longboxes lol.

I want to go with him to visit some pressers in the LA area to show him how the process is done and ask questions from people in the industry. He’s not the type that would spend a week on a book. I can teach him all I know but ultimately I want his experience to be a positive one and to get him up to speed as quickly as possible. We could send them out to pressers across the country if we need to. I have shown him CHU, keycollector, all the essentials that he needs to get started on the hobby.

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