Prior to Feb. 17-19, [Avengers: The Initiative] Featuring Reptil #1 was recently a $5-10 book and now starting to shoot up quickly… Maybe the Reptil title comign out soon is what is driving up the price… Keep your eyes peeled in those back issue bins for it…

Here is the recent ebay SOLD history on it…

Spec YouTube guys spoke about it last week. Any uptake in sales I’d relate to them. Said what back issues to look for and possible new issue spec.

I love Reptar

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Reptar isn’t in the same league as Lizard Man…

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I wish I had time to look up YouTube Spec Channels. It has been quite a while since I added any content to my YouTube channel and I’ve currently got 318 subscribers.


It’s odd I got really no time but I’ve been walking 2-3 miles since Jan and even if I dont see the video I listen to the Audio. In the shower. When I’m driving alone. Those little odd moments when Dad has alone time during a normal day I’m too busy.

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Lizard Man… pfftt… the best Lizard people were those from the show V…

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Who’s better than this guy? I mean c’mon


I bought a Reptil for cheap on one of my sites when the mini-series was announced. Flipped it for a good profit.

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Yeah, easy on the walking since I work at Costco… As for the shower, 3 song limit on my spotify and I’m out… my radio/cd player is broken in my car. eh.

LoL yeah the wife hates my showers.

Yeah we were talking about this on the cgc forums and here on the Modern Comics Heating Up thread. I snagged two online for $7 and am awaiting the second one to list the less nice one.

I don’t like your showers either… sounds like you waste a lot of precious drinking water listening to videos and podcasts… you should switch this up and do it while you’re going no. 2 instead… :wink:

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