Resident Alien

Did anyone catch the pilot on SYFY? I was pleasantly surprised. The humor was great and Alan Tudyk is a treasure.


Can’t beat his work on Moana as Hei Hei.


I thought it was pretty dang funny.

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Thanks was waiting for a review of this.

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I’m watching it right now… So far I’m enjoying it.

I ought to view it. He’s a great actor.

I enjoyed it nice to have another new show to watch

I typically avoid newer shows on TV today - generally garbage. Creativity and originality is lost on the newer generations. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how well Resident Alien launched the story. Excellent characters. The support cast was amazing. The story was fantastic. I love the multi-episode murder they need to solve. Reminds me of Twin Peaks. Alan was very funny, and nailed the character.

This shows reminds me of Monk meets Northern Exposure meets an episode from the X-Files.

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I enjoyed it. I never really read the comic so I was coming in just having heard people talking about it, and my main concern was it being not as good for newcomers but that didn’t seem to be the case.

I thought it was definitely entertaining but some of the things he does would set off so many red flags with normal human beings… but other than that, it was entertaining. I just happen to catch it on SyFy while trying to find something to numb my mind to sleep as I don’t normally watch television.