Resources for Newsstand copies

Is there any good information on Newsstand Version and which books have the biggest price difference between direct to newsstand?

Covrprice kinda notes that. I just started using the site a bit ago and find it interesting.

Besides different forums there’s not a ton of data. Aaron over at early retirement diary used to keep track of eBay newsstand sales but hasn’t done any since December 2020. There’s a good amount of info on the cgc forums but you’d have to search. There’s a Modern Newsie thread that’s mostly peoples pickups but there’s a lot of other relevant info as well. I’m including a link to Aaron’s site where he did a top ten list each week of newsstand sales on eBay. He included the percentages over direct editions as well. Some will blow your mind.

thanks, thats a great article. I grabbed a bunch of spiderman 365 newsstand books but very hard to get a high grade with the black cover.