Retailer incentives heating up

With @Anthony’s thumbs up, I’m starting a new thread here around incentives. We have the TFAW incentives thread, but that’s mostly about TFAW’s weekly list of links and general TFAW discussion.

This thread is about incentives that we are speculating on. Ones that we think might get warm.

A few good examples of recent hot incentives (ship has already sailed here):

Here’s an upcoming book I like. I can’t imagine the print run is massive on these black, white and blood books, and add a great cover artist (Sienkiewicz):

What upcoming incentives are you feeling good about? Or which older ones do you think have a shot at warming up?

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Also, has anyone spotted the cover for Silk 1 1:25 (2022) R1c0?

I can only find one other cover by this artist, and it’s a pretty good one. Makes me interested in this Silk 1 incentive.

Marvel lists this Silk 5 as a R1c0 cover, too, but other places have it listed differently.

Someone let me know if I’m being dumb and R1c0 is a marvel code for “not yet defined” or if this is a real human.

Keep an eye out for Life Day #1 1:10 Sprouse this Wednesday. There are none listed on ebay right now (other than a couple from the UK).

I think this was not ordered heavily. It’s a one-shot. Not many people outside the core Star Wars crowd know what the hell Life Day is. It’s an anthology. It doesn’t really tie into the ongoing Star Wars titles in any solid way from the solicit. No big number incentives, only a 1:10. These are all ordering metrics that say “order light” to your average brick and mortar LCS.

No store exclusives to speak of.

On top of all that, this will be Burryaga, the Wookiee Jedi’s first full comic appearance. I expect heat on Wednesday and from thereon.


EDIT: Kevin beat me to it by seconds, but ditto.


I refuse to buy anything related to the holiday special other than the Rifftrax audio track!

Here are some incoming that I’m looking at:

Avengers Forever #1 - 1:25 - Might be something inside, not sure, but I’m looking at Ironheart as an Avenger on the cover. Also love Betsy Cola, so this was a must pick-up for me.

Marvel Action Avengers #1 - 1:10 - Ironheart joins the Avengers in IDW continuity, whatever that means. Just a dope RiRi cover and these are never heavily ordered. If Miles didn’t get stores to order, I doubt this one will either. This one FOCs this week from what I can tell.

Inferno #3 - 1:25 - Dauterman variant. I’m simply spec’ing on completionists needing to get all of these, which seems to make the incentive covers of his heat up.

Captain America Iron Man #2 - 1:25 - First app of The Paladins, young team, worth a look. Feels like a book that could pop out of the gate and I can’t imagine stores going heavy on #2, even with the solicitation.

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Sorry for the double post, but this is my type of thread and I have two more
image (65)
Death of Doctor Strange #4 - 1:25 - I bring this spec to you straight from the no-brainer division. Solicit says new Sorcerer Supreme and Magik is on the cover.

Darkhold Omega - 1:10 - Spoiler Design Variant - Solicit mentions a new hero that will take the Marvel Universe by storm!! What else do you need? Gotta be the new character, right?



I’m also interested in the R1c0 cover for Silk. Here are a few links to check out:

ArtStation: r1c0 ArtStation
Twitter: r1c0 twitter

If we trust, R1c0’s first cover is the Silk #5a cover. Only other cover is the upcoming Death of Dr. Strange White Fox A cover. Art is obviously subjective, but this artist really has a good handle on composition. Those two are really well put together.

I’ve already ordered the Silk 1 (2022) 1:25. I think I’m going to grab the other two covers that R1c0 has done, too.

Looks like the hot incentive of the week might be Justice League Incarnate 1 1:25. Introduces Dr. Multiverse. Seems to be consistently selling at or above 2X ratio.

Definitely wouldnt say HOT. Limited supply today. Just wait until tomorrow when the flood comes…


Warm? :slight_smile: It’s definitely warm. I mean, new character, only on the cover of the incentive, a #1 title, not going to be ordered at say a Venom #1 level, decent cover art…

Quite a few sales, so it’s at least warm. A couple multi-bid auctions still in flight over $60 with $20 overseas shipping.

I’m sticking with my original opinion. It’s hot. Will it last longer than a week? Who the hell knows.


This was mentioned elsewhere on the site. Doubling up here:

Death of Dr. Strange Bloodstone 1 1:10
Looks to be the first app and cover of Lyra Bloodstone. I like the character design here.

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thanks to the stupid app, every speculator, fb group, and store variant dealer is on this. print run is gonna be big

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Still will be popular though, so bring the hype on!

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well foc ends tomorrow and and they only just revealed that info a few days ago, some people were already clued in cause the solicits said they would introduce a new bloodstone sibling but I didn’t really see any exclusives for it, of course that might change but we’ll see. I decided to yolo it and bought the incentive through villain gaming

i think stores are pulling a high republic #1, where no exclusives were announced till after foc

Yet, stores won’t be because most of them suck at this stuff. I doubt this will have some huge print run, but I could be wrong.

This is decent and could end up as god of hammer’s 1st app