Retailers selling today?

Couple retailers announced Diamond okayed a street date of today; and seen confirmation of pruchaseS. Anyone know whats up?

First I’ve heard it…

Frankly, If I was a retailer…I’d have a “bird in the hand” mentality and sell away this week. You just never know what is coming down the pipe at this point. They receive a directive to shut down all non essential businesses and they are left high and dry.

I’m going to stop by mine and offer to pay for my all of my pulls for the next couple of weeks in advance regardless of whether they will actually give me this weeks books or not. They are great people and I’m sure this is keeping them up at nights. I’d hate to wait and day and have em hurting.

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I thought of calling ahead to see if they were still open tomorrow…and the thought of picking up my books today crossed my mind…but everything I need should be in my pull anyway.

Just got notification from midtown they’re selling today.

Good for them, might be told to close at any second…

But they’ve been technically selling this weeks books online for the past week… :wink:

I’m open and plan to be open unless a forced shutdown happens … we’re under a restaurant / bar / casino lockdown so far … (drive thru’s still open / Doordash / Grubhub)

It’s been slow, though … allowing me to get around to doing this and that … just never been one to lounge around the house and yardwork has not quite become needed …

With the theater shutdowns and production companies halting productions, I don’t know how that will effect you fine folks in the spec game … :vulcan_salute:

For you people who love the “confirmation”… :wink:

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I was thinking, any retailers out there without a online presence want help setting up online shop, I can offer my services… since I know foot traffic has probably come to a halt for a lot of shops.

I love the speculation game. So for you retailers here is one:

Diamond is poised to shut down operations. With this latest email and the fact that they are waving the early deliver fees and all the emails from Boom studios on what can be done, i think within the next two weeks Diamond is going to close their doors to distribution for 2 weeks. Pure speculation, but the signs are all there.

The question is what do publishers have as Plan B to get comics out and make money? Or will they shutter their doors as well and release it online digitally?

Diamond will not shut down anytime soon. Too much money to be lost.
If the big publishers shut down, then I could see Diamond also shutting down…

Doubtful, IMO … you don’t know Steve Geppi …

That would be like saying Amazon is going to shut down … instead, they are hiring …

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If Diamond was based in Italy, would they be shut down right now?

Ehhhh 50/50 odds they would.

Thanks all. Took the drive and got a stack of early comics. Will take what we can get right, the small things!

I dont think the Geppi Family will have a choice. I know their Distribution centers are semi automated, but they still need people to run it. If NY issues a shelter in place order, that could severely limit Diamond and their biggest Publisher, Marvel. Once NY issues that proclamation I fully expect other states/citys to do the same shortly after.

Experts are warning us that the peak will hit near the summer, may/june? it could be even worse if states dont take action.

Yeah…won’t be shut down of their choosing, but certainly could happen. We had a few autoworkers here in Michigan test positive today at the factories & immediately the UAW is indicating/heavily requesting a 2 week shutdown.
It has essentially become a matter that will be out of anyones control…even the big dogs will have to abide.

Well, certainly, if States or DC mandate shutdowns, that’s the end of the ballgame … that’s also like saying the bulk of the Economy is being shut down … essentials would certainly not be shutdown …

To me, this is a Doomsday scenario with such a myriad of implications that cannot even be fathomed …

I had a feeling FCBD would become an issue ::

A Message from Steve Geppi,
Chairman, Geppi Family Enterprises
Founder, Diamond Comic Distributors
\ 195x200
With restaurants and other businesses closing and many areas implementing event restrictions, we know that Free Comic Book Day will be impacted to varying degrees throughout the world. The severity and timing of that impact can’t be predicted with any certainty, but the safety of our retailers and fans is too important to risk. With that in mind, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the event to a date later in the Summer.

To minimize the impact on our primary distribution operations and prioritize the distribution of weekly new comics and restocks, a number of FCBD titles will be included with each regular weekly shipment for the next several weeks. These titles will be invoiced at no charge, as we extend the billing out approximately 90 days, to the first week in August. The books may not be in separate boxes from the rest of the shipment, except when full cases are shipped.

We will follow up with more information soon regarding FCBD non-comic merchandise soon. We will also update our consumer-facing pages with this information and provide further information via email and Diamond Daily as it becomes available.

As always, we appreciate your enthusiasm for and support of the comic industry’s best event and look forward to celebrating with you later in the Summer!