Revenge of the Reprints part deux


Don’t the “rare” ones have a UPC? And the inside “second” covers to the lentiCulars do not?

I thought the differences were clear and obvious.

I feel like tearing off the lenticular to My Spider-Gwen 25…just because!

Do it and record it…

For me personally, finding varied later printings is pretty much a fool’s errand. For the very popular/hot books within the last year or so…or for quite a few #1 issues…those I see frequently.

However, in terms of many of these later printings for books over the last 5-10 years…for books that weren’t all that popular to begin with, or for later issues in the run, the shops I go to/visit, just never ordered them. I fully realize that is precisely why they are gaining popularity and value…but it just doesn’t matter as they simply aren’t out there for me to find.

I had mentioned before that my Moon Knight 188 had no lenticular cover, so JClu and Alana said to look for the UPC; it isn’t there at all, anywhere, so the cover either fell off in production or was taken off to sell as a “rare” item.

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I’d say more than likely the latter… :wink:

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In general, I would agree, but I pulled it off the shelf like that, so I know it was different. Doesn’t make is valuable, just different!

I mean, it’s entirely possible a few books didn’t get the lenticular attached but when it’s a type of misprint or error that is easily created by just “detaching” the cover, it makes the error in my opinion non-special since anyone can essentially recreate it with the ones that still have a cover.

Errors that cannot be reproduced unless one has a identical printer to recreate, those are a little more special.

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