Revenge of the Reprints part deux

A couple new reprints popping worth noting.

Unstoppable Wasp #1 2nd print only difference between the first print is the white title lettering but it’s hard to find.

Silver Surfer Black #5 2nd print Not that hard to find but that black border makes 9.8s tough.

Thanos #16 3rd print 1st Full Silver Surfer Black and this one is first to have him on cover #15 4th print does amazing things this one is primed to follow suit.

One copy listed on eBay don’t see many Dr Strange #381 2nd prints the one without a lenticular.

Amazing Spider-Man #799 2nd print 1st Goblin Kid with cover. Cheap and overlooked with many first prints of #799 stagnant on shelves when this came out, also maybe a return in King in Black.

Spider-Man annual #1 2019 2nd print winner winner chicken dinner with sales as high as $50 people betting big on Meow Morales and Spider Guin this book contains their first appearance and cover.


Spider Guin does appear on the 1st print cover A prior


Lol. I bought those 2 covers of Peter Porker for my son. And they are all beat up. I don’t think I’ll get $1 for them lol.

Man, if Sony puts the Meows Morales as a costume in the Miles Morales game, it’ll explode

So… they kinda did. A nod in a way. People have been going nuts about the scene in the game where Miles has a cat in his backpack wearing a spider-man mask. Spider-cat has been trending. So wondering if Meows Morales picks up as a result. I will say all the cheap copies of the second print Annual 1 were snatched up this weekend from online stores. Keep searching though. People have found this $49.99 book for cover or less this weekend.

I have also noticed Spider-gwen 25 2nd print and Canto #1 3rd print are rising.

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That Dr Strange #381 2nd print went from a under $10 book to $50 with one sold so far in a week according to sales. I think someone just noticed none were likely listed and just threw a number on it or it’s a shill bid to make it seem like more.

I should undercut them and list mine for cheaper… :wink:


Like the Spider Gwen 25, I think a lot of the Marvel lenticular variants had 2nd prints with really low print runs .I love the Moon Girl 25 and Gwenpool 21 2nd prints(Can’t find a useable image right now) ones. Also there is a moon knight one 188 2nd print that’s hard to find.(it has the first appearance of The Sun King too so may be worth hunting down.

Problem with Amazing Spiderman 799 2nd print is Unknown comics did a Virgin variant of it.

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Hows that a problem? Explain? Is it because it was mass produced or will be more sought after than the other.

Alana has said the rule is to not buy covers that Unknown does virgins of. Takes away the desirability of the regular cover.

I buy them but the trade dress ones if it’s got a new character on the cover. I don’t go out of my way to get a virgin copy.

In all honesty with the deals unknown sometimes has buy 3 get 3 for free they cost almost as much as a trade dress copy and shouldn’t hold any premium is what I believe.

Aaahhh ok. Well shouldn’t hold any premium is correct but I’m still amazed at the virgins I sold that were in stock at Unknowncomics for usually $10 over. Annnnd factor in the points you get for $5/$10/$15 off at times books are damn near free. I used my $15 coupon for punchline 1:25 books cost me $10. But this all goes to new collectors or people who only use Midtown or where collector app tells them(also realized they dont really name most their variants they just put store exsclusive)

took me a whole 8 months before I found a store other than midtown for online ordering when I got back in to collecting.

Much prefer the Canto #1 2nd print over all issue #1 covers…I see it’s finally fetching $15 and up…time to list my extra copy, I suppose…

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I recently sold a Canto 1 3rd for $22. This was right after #1 9.8s crossed 1K so there was some interest there. It goes without saying that at this point later printings are on the table for collectible value. I know that is a Captain Obvious statement award nominee, but just so strange after all these years where 2nd prints were deemed so unworthy. COVID, FOMO and internet are powerful agents of chaos.

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The print runs for Canto #1 1st, 2nd and 3rd printings are absurdly small. I think all 3 combined are right around 13k. IMO people should be buying the additional printings at these prices. I was lucky enough to have preordered 20 of each, and only recently discovered them again in storage. Tragic how poor the print quality was. Will definitely be getting several of each pressed and graded soon.

So I’ve been selling a few lenticulars and I think a lot of confusion comes from you can rip the lenticular cover off and have a non lenticular first print that still has a front and back cover. So knowing that I would stay away from books being rare because they are not lenticular.

Why wouldnt the order numbers be small ?? It’s IDW…nobody gives a crap about them anymore. Comic shops barely order their books.

? I am talking about a particular book and its popularity. I dont care who the publisher is. How is that relevant to my statement? Canto #1 all printings are a great spec play. :man_shrugging: