Rex/Tyrannosaurus Venom Back in the Saddle?

I’m assuming this is Rex back to give Eddie a hand correct?

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Idk, but I just ordered 4 copies of that Alien vs Marvel variant. Damn that’s a sweet cover.


There has to be an Alien VS Marvel series coming, right? Have the Aliens ever made an appearance in the Marvel Universe?

I’m out, keep them separate I say. Aliens is awesome on it’s own. Marvel Universe is awesome on it’s own. We don’t need them mingling together to ruin two good things going…

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Could put them in something like the Gamerverse or even Aliens vs Marvel Zombies lol but yea I dont think they belong in 616

Aliens win. No contest.

I remember when DC first started doing crossovers with Aliens and Predator I was thinking I’ll pass, but a couple of them were actually not bad. So I’ll probably give Marvel a chance with one or two.