Richard Corben Dead at 80 RIP

Man, this sucks, Richard Corben, one of my favorite horror artists, was reported dead today, he actually died December 2nd but news just came out today. He had heart surgery the other day. Cause has not been reported.

RIP Richard, thanks for the art.

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That is sad news.
“Bat out of Hell” One of the best Rock album covers EVER! When I was a kid I would just look at my father’s for what seemed like forever taking in ever detail!..Pretty good album too! Totally falls under “they don’t make them like that anymore”! Just fantastic artwork! RIP


Crazy, I have been a fan of Corben’s work for years and only today realized he did the Bat Out of Hell cover

The guy was a huge talent most probably don’t even know about!

Sad but true. I collect his comics.

I was bummed to hear this.

One of the greats.