Rick and Morty #1

Anyone looking to buy Rick and Morty #1 first printing? I also have the 4th and 5th printing.

First prints are hovering around the $300 mark on secondary market in NM condition last I checked, which mine is at or better. At least a 9.6 minimum I’d say it’s at, send it to CGC and it’ll be a 9.9 for sure… muhahaha…

Giving you people on CHU first dibs, if no one is interested, I’m gonna list them on eBay. I should have pics up soon.

Would it help if I told ya’ll Stan Lee breathed on them at one time? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I sold a VF copy today. It had a tear on the bottom of the back cover. It went really quick.

Nice. Now I’m curious how much yours went for… you can PM me if you want to share. But don’t PM if you want to keep a secret. I mentioned $300 but to the right CHU’er… I’m willing to negotiate.

If that’s the case I stood next to Stan Lee on an escalator way back when he didn’t need private security…Pretty sure I breathed the same air he exhaled…I just know some of those molecules are still inside me…How much am I worth? I have no problem whoring myself to Stan Lee fanatics for money.

Will this comic go up and up as the years go by with the show eventually off the air, or is this the highest it’ll get and it’s only downhill from here?

It’s been slowly rising. Last time I checked, pre-pandemic the first print was dipping as low as $150 for raw NM copies. Seems they’re now $300 or so.

Since no one showed any interest, it’s been listed on eBay now. :slight_smile:

And it’s…


Off ebay… :slight_smile:

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