Rick and Morty ending soon?

I was looking around the net, and I saw that Oni just had a 5 year contract for the series. That means #60 could be the last issue. I’m sure it’s their best selling comic so I really can’t see them letting it go. If they did lose it I’m positive someone else would grab it up quick.

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It’d be dumb for them not to. Really seems like it and Invader Zim are their only titles they’re putting out consistently each month.

It’s not really a cash cow of a title. We’ve never had a subscriber in 7 years for it. The only people picking it up usually grab a trade then never come back for singles. July they only sold 8,699 copies according to Comicron. Lots of people see and look but they just don’t take it home. The merchandise moves fairly regularly but even those people want take the books normally. I believe all those reprints from several months ago are still on the shelf as well untouched. Invader Zim we do have a subscriber for and at one point had two people wanting it and another time it was wanted enough to get the whole series shoplifted forcing me to move it to the center of the building. I’ve dropped shelf stocking Rick & Morty now for the last two months. I am giving the Dungeons and Dragons version a try since that sold a couple sets last time.