Rick Grimes Alive To Make Another Dollar

:sleeping: :zzz:

What…theaters? Count me out I thought it was going to be on AMC for free.

Yeah I’m out too

Don’t worry people… 9 months later they’ll play it at least 5 times a week alongside Shawshank Redemption (which I get sucked into watching every time, great movie)… but I’ll probably still won’t tune into this movie.


I could practically recite dialog along with the Characters, I’ve watched “Shawshank” so many times … Pay to watch Andrew Lincoln reprise Rick at the Cineplex by forking over todays ticket prices … ?? And a snack … ?? I don’t think so … :vulcan_salute:

Heh… I could probably recite most of it as well.

Im dying to find out what kept him from returning to his family so count me in.

I’ll tell you what kept him from returning, Kirkman wanting more of that sweet, sweet money!


I dont know what it would take to get me to watch The Walking Dead again.

It isnt this, though… LOL

I’ll watch it once it’s available at the RedBox lol

Meh, just wait until it’s on AMC… then you can apply that $1 rental fee to a comic book…

Cant wait to see it

Yeesh. How disappointing, honestly.