RIP Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond best know for Screech on Saved by the Bell died today of cancer.

I was a little older when the show came out so I didn’t really watch it but I knew what it was all about.

During college one of my jobs was at a mom and pop video game store where Dustin would frequent. He was a popular kid actor with some extra scratch burning a hole in his pocket so he was a big Neo Geo fan. He also enjoyed all the other 16 bit platforms as well. I can’t tell you the words that would come out of his mouth every time he would lose at Super Nintendo Street Fighter II when it was first released.

The times he came in to get his video game fix I got to know him a little and he seemed like a good kid at heart. It really is a shame he had to die so young. “F” cancer and rest in peace Dustin.


Damn I had no Idea RIP Screech

Reading the article…he was only diagnosed last month. It was stage 4.

Wow that took him fast. I can’t imagine…

“In that time, it managed to spread rapidly throughout his system; the only mercy it exhibited was its sharp and swift execution,” his team’s statement said. “Dustin did not suffer. He did not have to lie submerged in pain. For that, we are grateful.”

Damn so sad to read this… I saw something last week about other co-stars tweeting well wishes and their sadness at his prognosis but never expected it to be so fast. Grew up watching Saved by the Bell. RIP Screech! :cry:


Its a shame his former cast members turned on him…

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Well, he did go on to admit most of the stories in his “tell all” book were made up… I feel bad that he died early but honestly, the guy was no saint himself and kind of an ass.


They only found he had it a few weeks ago. I was never a big fan of his, but it’s always sad when someone dies young.

Yeah, it is sad how things turned out.

It seems in his 20s he was a jerk, later on in his 30s he and his cast members made-up and he matured a lot and apologized for the past controversial stuff. Seems he got his life pretty together and then had it end without warning. Sad.

Well that’s good. I guess people change after they go broke too… I heard he pretty much was bankrupt and was going to lose everything at one point too.

Yeah, his financial situation wasn’t all that good for a while. I don’t think most of the cast of SBTB got paid very well at least by today’s standards.

Well, I think one issue he had was getting cast in roles outside of SBTB. Honestly he wasn’t very castable outside of the character he played. He should have gone on to try something different as a career.

Well, he did porn lol

Screech or Blind Adam? Choose your nightmare wisely… :wink: