Im curious if anyone else has heard of this

I believe Isom 1 is the only book currently out.

I was just listening to some podcast and they were interviewing the founder. I never heard of it but it was an interesting discussion.

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Here’s the campaign for issue #2 -

I can’t stand that dude. He’s a grifter cashing in on the hate against anything that’s “woke”. Reading through his isom book and art is okay and decent but if his only swlling point is “Its not woke and its not political!” Then it just tells me there isn’t any depth to it whatsoever.


Never heard of it.

At first glance I thought Kelly Rippa was putting out a bunch of comics within the same universe.


You all know my feelings on anyone who is a part of or associates with the so-called movement known as, “Comicsgate.” Even if I could get these cheap and flip them I wouldn’t as I refuse to touch anything associated with that kind of brand. One reason I stopped even touching Alterna Comics books after a bunch of CG folks harassed me online for calling the publisher out for working with huge jerk Ethan Van Sciver. So yeah, I’m not going near anything like that.


Good to know

Yeah, no shade at you for checking it out. I just know I’ve had some bad experiences with those who associate with Comicsgate and the Rippaverse does so eagerly.

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None taken. Just heard the guy on a podcast and thought it was odd i never heard of him or the comic.