Riptide by Red 5 Comics

It seems like Riptide by Red 5 Comics is getting bought up again. List them if you have them. According to an alert that Key Collector sent out, a new solicit says “soon to be a movie”.

Wasnt it already an Amazing Stories episode ?

Yeah, it had a one-shot (haha, I guess that’s the term) of an episode on Apple TV.

Edit: Oooops, I confused the Red 5 books. As Anthony mentioned, it was The Rift that was on Apple TV, not Riptide

Nope. That was The Rift

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Another great example of the cyclical nature of the spec game. I believe this book is in about its 3rd rotation of being talked about

Please know I’m not downing the spec, the book, etc, I just know it has been talked about previously and I have previously looked for it. I believe it had a little hype even when it was released.

The good thing about the cyclical nature is it saves me time as I know for a fact I’ve already looked for it and books like these won’t tend to magically appear at my shops.

Riptide was a bit harder to find, at least in my neck of the woods when it came out. The Rift was much easier to obtain for me.

Looks like those hard to find Riptide #1 are doing well now

Few auctions going on and one is already up to $62. There’s been a few solds that took best offers from around the $90 range…

And if you can’t pull the trigger on a copy, you can always buy Riptide #1 from Liefeld (that sneaks into the listings due to same name) with that awful looking cover art and the disproportionate woman body he gave her… :stuck_out_tongue:

Have about 10 copies of it.


I think it’s a 5 issue series. I’ve got them but can’t remember. I’ve got an extra first issue. It’s best to order straight from Red5. Maybe they still have a few, they just charge cover price. It’s a great story…

62 for raw first issue? No way!

It was a great mini-series. I could swear it went four issues. It would make a Hell of a disaster flick.