Riri A Reality?

I was a little bored today so I was reading some articles that were plastered on my Yahoo home page. One of the stories that caught my eye was from Fox entertainment via The Sun (UK based?). Anyway, according to the video clip Robert Downey Jr. is in talks to reprise his role as Iron Man/ Tony Stark supposedly to introduce Riri Williams/Ironheart into the MCU. Could this be accurate? Will it be for an upcoming movie? A show for the upcoming streaming service or is it just a fluff piece to get clicks?

IF this is true all versions of Invincible Iron Man #7 & 9 would spike without question. Keep your eyes peeled for any more news on this or a possible official announcement from Disney. Right now it looks like both issues are starting to move on Ebay with cheaper copies selling quickly. There still might be a few deals out there but they won’t be around for long. Unless you really, really want these books don’t let FOMO take control if prices have already spiked above what you are comfortable paying.

its not true, the source fox uses was a notorious click bait site, fox just didnt bother to check there sources. not surprising from fox

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Let’s not give free passes to anyone. It’s just Fox that may not dig deep sometimes. It is literally every major media outlet that is guilty, especially with entertainment news. Really don’t want this thread to get political.

On the flip side, Riri has been coming up in film/TV rumors on and off in recent months. Downey Jr also stated publicly he wants that character to take up the Iron Man mantle. Could it all be coming together? Not sure. As you stated the Sun is a bit of a click bait site but so are sites such as Wegotthiscovered and even they have gotten things right on occasion.

I definitely wouldn’t go nuts on this book right now, but they are starting to move online. I would say to anyone, proceed with caution.

Have to wait and see how this pans out but great info as well.
Another book that maybe worth having is Champions #22 1st app of iron heart in her new armor also 1st app of Brawn.

‘The Sun’ is essentially a tabloid paper.


Shuri is getting her own gig. Animated I am sure.

there was a story a few days back about shuri getting middle school novels. my personal opinion is shuri is better mcu spec than riri. wouldnt shock me at all if mcu combines shuri and ironheart together.

That’s what I keep saying.

I like Shuri as well. Couldn’t back the the whole Iron Heart story and how they introduced her… didn’t seem natural way to bring a new character into the role.

Yeah, it looks that way. Seems as though they have an entertainment section but who knows. I do think in one way or another we will see Riri in an animated series, TV or movie appearance. Just a matter of time.