Riri Williams on fire

Not sure what’s going on this weekend, but Riri spec is hitting crazy high. Some of the books include:

•Invincible Iron Man #1 hip hop variant
•The 2nd and 3rd printing of her cameo and first appearance
•Champions #22, her new costume appearance
•The 1:10 S.T.E.AM. variant

In non-Riri news, Hawkeye #9 2nd print (purple variant) is also hitting crazy highs.

If you have these books in your long boxes, now’s a good time to sell.

I’ve held onto my first prints of both waiting for the right time. For an official announcement.
But maybe now is time to move them.

My IIM7 is near perfect except for there’s the slightest finger print dead center…not sure what grade to assign and price to set.

Maybe put $100 OBO. See what offers I get.

Hard to let my Hawkeye’s go…big fan of Matt Fraction/David Aja series, including immortal Iron first.

I got multiples I should dig out

52k for #7 49k for #9

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These have been sitting On the shelf at my LCS since they came out. Picked up the 3rd print of issue 7 and passed on these a few weeks ago. Today I didn’t hold back.

Not the best shape, but hopefully will make for some quick flips.


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An Invincible Iron Man 9 went for $200 raw yesterday on ebay?!


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Good, I have two beautiful copies off being pressed/graded at the moment. Also have a second print sitting on my “to send off” table

Jeez totally missed the early Ri-Ri train but I have these

doubles of the whole run and I have her ironheart books too just couldn’t find them currently organizing. Hopefully these do something.

Im actually looking for a RiRi comic so if someone has long boxes of her comics Please message me


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