Rob Liefeld Retiring from Deadpool

Rob just posted on Instagram that he is retiring from Deadpool after 33 years of stories and art. He states he has one last book/story coming out this summer and then that will be it for Deadpool from Liefeld.

I know that Liefeld can be a source of contention and at times the butt end of a joke but personally I enjoy his stuff. Cable is one of my favorite characters in the X-line of books. I think Rob is going to focus on his creator-owned stuff as he as a set of Extreme action figures coming out from LooseCollector, he just released Last Blood, and I believe that Bloodstrike and Prophet are moving forward.


I have met him and a fan of him. Was super nice in person and this was in the middle of Midtown comics and he was shopping.

I think my definition of nice might be different from others


Reminds me of when a band says they are retiring and do a big goodbye tour. Then return 10 years later.


True story, I was there. :wink:

Probably cause they burned through all their cash and need more… I wish people would stick to their word.

@Anthony took you out for a walk? How nice!

This is also like a band saying they’re not going to play their biggest hit anymore. Rob’s only in his 50s.

This was prior to him enslaving me and then holding me captive in his basement… he wowed and impressed me with all his comic con and comic book knowledge… asked me to come home and check out all his precious comics, it was a trap! Like those vans with free candy on the side… don’t do it!

Rob’s interview with ComicBook dot com.

I just listened to his pocast and he stated that he is getting old and its one of the reasons why he isnt doing Deadpool any more. To be honest, I might just buy his final Deadpool books.

Of course he’s getting old, but he draws like a 5th grader :joy:

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