Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time TV series Amazon Prime

Surprisingly, I did not see a topic for this (or it was too far down). Anyone else, besides me, read all of the books?

While I’ve read the books, I never knew about the comics. I was reading the Weekly Comic Report on and it had the 1:10 on there so I did some more ‘research’ (i.e. looking at sold items on eBay). I did buy a couple of #1’s for spec so we’ll see what happens (and if I bought the right ones).

Some other links:

Shout out to Matt DeVoe as it looks like he wrote the article on Covrprice.

I probably broke some rules in posting this and I apologize if I did.

Anyone else going to watch? Already own the comics? Opinions?

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I’m on a re-read of the books right now! (started before I knew there was a show, so lucky me)

Totally going to watch the show

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Game of Thrones knock-off. It will fail.

Didn’t these books exist before Game of Thrones?

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A quick search has first books in 1990… GoT first publication was in 1996.

I have read both series and can easily say the WoT series is far Superior!! Curious how it will translate to streaming…


I think there is a Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode spoofing the rivalry between these two series.

Edit: Return to Skyfire is the episode.


Um, que?

Game of Thrones show came out first. Anything else afterwards is a wannabe knock-off…

Amazon is being reactive instead of proactive.

Too true. As the first TV show ever made and aired, Game of Thrones is the only one that can say it borrows nothing.


Ok, you must be trolling. You got me, lol.

Everyone knows that when you simplify it, Game of Thrones is essentially a rip off of Dune (politics) and Lord of the Rings (fantasy).

Plus, the show lifted a lot from BBC high fantasy shows.

I loved Wheel of Time growing up. Never did read the final one that Sanderson helped with, but when I realized it was out and that I couldn’t remember a ton of details I started re-reading it a few months ago.

Tentatively excited about the show, but I don’t have huge hopes for it because I don’t want to be hurt again.

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FYI no rules were broken and Matt is a friend.

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