Robin (2021) Speculation


Release is April bound so another early spec discussion but feel free to add as the weeks go on

It will be a 2 part back up story

  • Batman #106
  • Detective Comics #1034

With the promises of first appearances I don’t think we can go wrong with some spec grabs here but I think we should probably be on the look out for some cameos in the above mentioned books too but I wouldn’t go to heavy on these just yet
There’s also a new fighting tournament mentioned called the League of Lazarus so that may come up in some future books too

Also if you’re new here it’s free to join the family sign up for an account and join the discussion I promise we’re not a cult I mean uhhh unless you’re into that

If we were a cult, you’re never allowed to leave… unless we ban you! People are free to come and go all the want. :wink:

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My 10 hour read time says different :neutral_face:

Edit - that’s 10 hours in about 3 weeks

10 hours? Those are rookie numbers you gotta pump those up!!!


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But to be back on topic, the cover B has the new character Flatline on it (on the back of it…so is it even technically first cover?) Which would be a good grab if you can’t get the 1:25.

I have 19 days read time in 2 years. Next closest to me is @D-Rog at 13 days… :wink:

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Detective comics #1034 cover B is pretty :fire: I can’t lie maybe DC will begin to redeem themselves after future state

I’m not saying that’s cult like behaviour but I mean that’s very cult-y :eyes:

And of course Batman #106 even if this has no spec play it’s a pretty cool cover to pick up I think UK FOC is this week


Why does that feel low…how does it calculate this? If I left a browser on the site in the background, does that run up the clock?

No… But not sure how it does actual calculation but probably time spent and actual number of words in posts as well.

1034 a nice looking cover too


I agree. It’s a :fire: cover. I hope there is something in that Robin back story. DC needs it.

Agree. Another cool cover. Hopefully soemthing good here also.

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