Rock and Roll Hell #1 - Oddball Cool comic

I have no where else to put this so I am gonna just throw it in its own topic. Here is an odd ball but cool comic, comes bagged with a cassette limited to 500 copies.

Rock & Roll Hell #1 (Cover D - Cassette Ltd Ed)

The summer of '91. Rural Finland. The Rock and Roll Hell Open Air metal festival is in full swing with the American death metal band Feral Carnage set to headline. During their set, what is first mistaken as an elaborate pyrotechnic show turns out to be the second coming of Jesus Christ. Taking one look at the people in attendance of the show, Christ damns the festival and orders his army of heaven to smite them from his fathers creation. Fueled by beer, weed, and the imperious power of metal, Feral Carnage must summon the forces of hell to fight back


As a fan of cassette tapes, this is cool.

I’ve started to buy cassettes as well when I buy vinyl from artists who also have cassettes available.

Whats a good record player? Or a good brand?

Long ago it was Technics and particularly the 1200 series, most DJs all owned Technics. You can likely find used ones still, all models.

I’ve stuck with Audio Technica as my latest turntable model of choice. They’re all about the same for basic record playing I think. Only go super expensive if you’re a audio junkie, etc. The needle you purchase for it and the speakers make the world a difference most of the time.