Rumor! Adrianna Tomaz (Isis) to appear in the Black Adam movie!

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Earlier this week both ScreenRant and CBR reported on rumors that the character Adrianna Tomaz could have a fairly large role in the upcoming Black Adam movie. According to Adrianna Tomaz has her first comic appearance in 52 week #3 back in 2006. She is later shown as Isis or the “Egyptian goddess of nature” in 52 week #12.
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Just my opinion but 53 week #12 is an awesome cover so that could help give it legs as well!

It should be noted that this version of Isis is not the same as the one that appears in Shazam vol 1 #25 from 1976. That one is Andrea Thomas. That issue is the first appearance of the character Isis but if the rumors hold true and Adrianna Tomaz is indeed used in the movie, Shazam #25 probably won’t have the same spec value as it once did. Still, it may not a bad pick up if you can get it cheap-ish but for pure rumor based speculation, at this point 52 week 3 & 12 could be the big winners.

If these rumors are true and you can get your hands on some copies of 52 #3 &12 this could turn out to be good for selling down the road or getting a new modern “key” on the cheap for your personal collection.

Both these comics are still fairly cheap online even though many of the really cheap ones have sold. If you dig around you should still be able to find them at a good price. When comic shops open up again you might still be able to find them in the bins for cover price or less unless the owners get wise (which I’m sure many will).

Remember, nothing is official yet so tread lightly if you are not sure about the rumors.

Good luck out there and below are the links to both articles if you feel like reading through them!.

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Been trying to find 52 Week 12s for about a year now in bins…haven’t come across one yet.

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Well, it is a sweet cover and a pretty good spec being the first Tomaz as Isis so I can see where that one might disappearing from bins. I’m sure there are still a few out in the wild though, maybe in lower volume shops. Still affordable copies online.

Do you mind if I use this as a post later on the main site? Full credit will go to you on it.

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Of course! Thanks Tony!

52 is certainly the series that has ended up paying off… does anyone remember when Atmoic Empire (I think they were Sci Fi Genre then) gave the entire series away for free to all subscribers? That seems unthinkable these days, they’d probably tell everyone to go screw!

Lex is disturbingly drawn off-model on that cover. I think this was in their weird “Everyone draw Superman like Reeve and everyone draw Luthor like Kevin Spacey” mid-2000s phase. Lex looks like he’s going to lure children into his ice cream van.

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