Rumor: Alternate time line Star Wars show with a female protagonist in development for Disney +

According to CBR another Disney + Star Wars show is in development that will have an unknown female lead character at the helm. Supposidly the show will take place during a Differant timeline as the Mandalorian. With Ashoka and Sabine rumored to be in the Mandalorian season 2 that would more than likely count them out. So, if all this is true who do you think they are talking about? I think most of us will have the same guess but ya never know. What do you guys think? Who do you think this mystery female lead is?

If you would like to read the original story on CBE here is the link:

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Please let it be Doctor Aphra… :slight_smile:


Yeah, pretty sure Aphra is a safe bet…Which would be freaking awesome! Her two sadistic droids would be worth it alone!

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They could do a show with just the droids… :wink:


I 100% agree with the thought of it being Doc Aphra! Great following already for a character that really hasn’t been put in the limelight all that much (relatively speaking).

The other possibility could be that of Qi’ra! She has a very interesting backstory as featured in Solo. Had a decent reception from fans, and as the apparent new leader of the Black Sun/lackey to Darth Maul…could have some very interesting adventures with cameos from characters we know.
If they get Emilia Clarke to continue the role…there is even more draw to it.

One other lesse choice cold be Sabe…only because they decided to bring her back and feature her in the current comic run.

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I have to admit, I’m hoping it’s Doctor Aphra in the hopes it’s before Darth Vader dies so we can get a little Darth Vader appearances hopefully…


My vote is for Dr. Aphra!


I’m hoping the producers are having that same thought. Having Darth Vader on a few shows will draw massive amount of interest.

Just throw in a few badass scenes like they did in Rogue One… particularly that last scene when he just destroys the rebels in the spaceship with anything they threw at him… the movie was great but that scene was just pure awesomeness!

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Alternate timelines and retcons (Cough Cough order 66) is what everyone was afraid of when Star Wars was purchased by Disney. All this bullshit just so they don’t have to put Hayden Christensen in a Ahsoka Disney + show by having her survive order 66 to give them a timeline with out Anakin.

If you watched the last Star Wars movie none of the characters in the other 8 movies mattered no Jedi or Yoda or whatever saved the day or had anything to do with defeating the emperor the whole time. It was the sand worm snake thingy that ate the bounty hunter sent to kill Rey as a child that saved the whole universe by saving Rey as a child so she could grow up to defeat her grandfather palpatine, nothing else in any of the movies had any effect on the outcome other than the worm saving the chosen one because Luke surely didn’t.

Ironically I just started to watch the last Jedi the other night after finishing mandalorian…thanks for the spoilers!!!

What if it’s Boba Fetts Daughter? Star Wars Tales #7 just blew the roof off…I just bought one off eBay for $15 a few days ago…now they’re going for $100+.

There’s a book from Dark Horse or the actually books where Boba crawls out of the Sarlac and the mandalorian armor was digested all but the helmet and thats when you find out Boba was a girl when she’s there naked in the helmet. It’s not canon and was written before even the prequels came out, but it’s kinda alluded to in attack of the clones. They can easily do it still by explaining that one of the clones came out female and that’s the one Jango raised.

Good purchase! I was thinking about getting one for $35 ,but thought it might be too much for such an early rumor… Went out to pick up dinner and when I got back every one out there (which wasn’t many) were gone. Not all that bummed. Can’t get em all. Might want to sell yours when it gets to you because I have a feeling when comics shops start re-opening there will be a bit of a flood of those. If you can get a $100 to $150 for yours when you get it there is a very good chance you will be able to buy it again for less in the not to distant future.

Kind of thinking the same thing…a lot of artificial scarcity right now.


Maybe… I’m thinking the same may hold true for Dragons Lair comics as well. Either way if you can make 7,8 maybe even 9 times profit that would be great!

This is what they want to use the alternate timeline for? More female empowerment? Really?

Because god forbid they use the alternate timeline to undo the sequel trilogy or reinstate the expanded universe…

Disney will never undue the new trilogy…unfortunately. Disney is also pretty big on a lot of pc stuff these days where I think it is overdone a bit. However, I do like Aphra. The character is pretty cool, pretty hot and has sadistic droids that should become a big reason why people tune in. I just hope if they do happen to use her in a D+ show they don’t screw it up. I hope they keep the stories fun and exciting without getting preachy or so “pc” it is blatantly obvious taking the viewer out of the moment. It really depends on who they might have producing it.

If George had been the one pushing for all this I would’ve rolled my eyes, but gone with it. I can’t take it as anything other than fanfic though when it’s just Kathleen Kennedy the old Irish Witch cooking the books, when she should instead be handing in her resignation for destroying the series. You wouldn’t put ME in charge of SW when I know less than the average fan, so these people have no business making creative decisions.