**RUMOR** Wolverine show @ Disney+

So should I be loading up on Hulk #180 or Hulk #181:crazy_face:


Does this dude have any scoops of recent that were from his “source” alone that proves he’s worth paying attention to?

For me, more Wolverine has always been a when not an if.

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I got two of each now Poyo

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Buy more… Wolverine show is gonna make it :exploding_head: … hehe!

I would say get at least three sets of each. One set for the pc, one set to sell right away and one to sell when the show comes out… Three decent sets can be had for only 25k to 30k total. No big deal :wink:

Why not 4 sets, might as well if it’s only a few thousand more… :wink:

Not too much else is known other than that this will cover Wolverine’s origin story, his time in the Weapon X program, and ultimately what shapes him into Wolverine.

Well, if this isn’t bullsheet, then it may not hurt to be picking up Marvel Comics Presents #72-#83 and Origin #1 while they’re cheap. The Miller solo series #1 is a definite as well.

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