Runaways 32

Runaways 32 comes out 10/28. Sold out at Midtown and several other online stores I’ve looked at. Anyone know why? Only reason I see is that the title hasn’t been around in awhile and most people thought Marvel may have cancelled. This was a last minute addition to next weeks releases.

still available at tfaw

People think it’s a surprise drop and nobody ordered it back in March…lol

Diamond is showing it as delayed until March 2021, but they are also showing it as next weeks release on the retailer portal. Not sure which is true.

Yea, it comes out next week.

Awesome series, Rainbow Rowell has been killing it.

You know I love comic shows but I still haven’t made it through last season of the Runaways haven’t even touched Helstrom watched maybe 4 episodes of Cloak and Dagger