Sabine Rich

Sabine Rich is becoming a loveable artist I know a lot of us were into the Non Stop Spider-Man cover she done
And now this pulp fiction homage for Eros Psyche #2
I can honestly see Sabine covers becoming a sought after thing as time goes on
What do you guys think? and if you have any great covers from her leave them down below :v:t3:

Sabine has had some covers for some smaller companies that have had pop. I am not sure if she has just been typecast into Zenescope books. I know she has done some DC lately.

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I don’t have a ton of Sabine Rich covers, but I am a fan.

I was bummed I missed this one. Great cover. She’s in that Jenny Frison camp for me, where her covers typically stand out from the crowd. But, also like Jenny, she only does female covers? Or, at least mostly?

Great artist and colorist, she really makes some people’s art pop with her colors.

Non stop Spider-Man #1 virgin store exclusive

Just released yesterday. Absolutely beautiful piece of work…

FYI, the Eros Psyche #2 is available at TFAW.