Saga coming back January

" Saga#55 will be an extra-long issue — 44 pages rather than the usual 22 — for the same price. The book will hit shelves on Jan. 26, 2022."

We are not ready for this

Hot Take: I stopped reading, “Saga,” in the mid-40s of issues. I liked it at first but felt like it was becoming a hugely depressing slog to get through. Should I make myself get through what I didn’t finish so I’m ready for the next batch? Will I even like the next batch?

I really hope they make it returnable. With the long hiatus and how many people picked it up via trades it’s almost impossible to know what the current readerbase for it is at a local store level.


I’d say at least finish the first half. If you don’t like the cliffhanger, then you’ll probably not like the 2nd half.