Saturday Silliness: Silly First Appearances

As you may know, I’m building out my Star Wars first appearance and key issue database,

Looking into Jabba the Hutt I was reminded of his strange first appearance.

Jabba first appears in the A New Hope adaptation in issue #2. This is because the comic depicted a few deleted scenes that didn’t make it into the film. Of course, the fact that Jabba the Hutt would be an obese, drooling space slug was not common knowledge or even settled on at that time. So, Roy Thomas and Chaykin’s minds were free to run wild. And run wild they did:


He pops up again in #28, we’ll before Empire and still not in his final slug form:


Whats everyone up to tonight ?
Me…just relaxing and having some drinks at home. Feeling gooooooood. :yum:


Martini time begins in about an hour…!

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Toddler pooped in the potty so we just ran and got her chosen reward, a “big ice cream cone.” Now I’m watching her walk around the yard dripping it everywhere and driving the dog nuts.


Reading Thor 364-367, the Throg arc.

I’ve got a stack of comics I need to get out of my bedroom and into long boxes that I’ve been putting off for a long time.

Next up is Canto.

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Celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday. Was just my wife, me, him, and my wife’s sister who is also his sister as they’re related…yeah, that sounds more complicated than it is. Anyways, we sat around and ate pizza while my son jumped on a mini trampoline. Was a chill day.


In 1991, Playmates pitched TMNT/Star Wars crossover toys.


Hmph. Don’t see why they didn’t take off…

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Those would have sold like hotcakes !

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So, this was a pitch when Kenner’s license lapsed under Hasbro in the early 90s. Everybody was pitching for the license and Hasbro eventually won out.

There’s an interesting Toys that Made Us episode about it.

I’ve watched all those episodes…I don’t recall the Star Wars turtles.

Great series though. Recommend it for everyone from the 80s and even 60s-2000s as they have ones about Barbie, GIJoe and power rangers…transformers…legos (the system!)…wrestling toys was really interesting.

No, the Turtles weren’t in it. It’s just the Star Wars episode, but I got a kick out of the attorney talking through the Kenner licensing agreement. “The perpetual intergalactic right to produce Star Wars toys.” Man, George really did not negotiate that well.

Anyway, the section I was referring to was Hasbro failing to pay the nominal yearly licensing fee to keep that contract active and the mad dash pitch by all the toy companies in the nineties.

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