Scorpion Comics Crain negative virgin variant

And there is the winning comment. I was waiting for them to comment

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It’s not vandalism, though, for so many reasons.


Wow guess i’m not buying from them, not that I was gonna lol. “What you don’t like our lazily made variant cover where we didn’t do anything but add a photoshop filter and we’re charging way too much for it. #Banned


Not even close to vandalism. Just having an opinion on their overpriced photoshop variants :rofl:

So many reasons? More like every known reason to mankind…

Wow, so speaking your mind is now vandalism?

I know taste is subjective, but this cover really doesn’t look good to me. The original was nice though.

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They did it again. Who buys this stuff O.o

Wow. I’m going to need another cup of coffee to stay awake after seeing that.


Yep saw it last night. They admitted it was their final Torment homage :rofl: and he had to make it known that he banned some assholes already for their comments. He deleted my comment, but didn’t ban me from the group :rofl:

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Why are some so quick to ban? Why not take the feedback (even if it’s kind of crappy) and turn it around to ask what they could do different that would get people to buy? You take the negative and try to turn it into a positive to benefit yourself as a business.

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No, see the problem here will be once you do see it, the afterimage will take 2-3 hours to dissipate from your retinas.


They already took the positive and turned it into two different types of negative! HEYO!!!


Because he can’t take criticism. He also hates when you mention the limited print run, and their partner sites selling their books. I know for a fact one of the groups I’m in, that guy isn’t refreshing pages just to get lucky for a single copy. He generally has around 30 copies, or in some of the disney ones he had 3 sets only.
But you have the die hard followers that feel there is nothing wrong going on. And you just “gotta be quick because it sells out in a minute”.