Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla's Night of the Ghoul Gets Movie Option From 20th Century Studio

Not that you need a reason to pick up this week’s Night of the Ghoul 1, it has now been optioned by a major studio with some big names attached to direct and produce the project, Rob Savage and Shawn Levy producer of Stranger Things.

I’m a huge fan of Francesco Francavilla so I already had this on pre-order. Saw it at the shop today and it looks terrific.

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So, this was released in digital form last year and is just getting a print version now to go along with the movie news?

Didn’t know it was released as digital form last year but yeah, they waited until the week of release to announce the option news :joy:

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Yeah. I read the comic on Amazon. Option does help to sway purchase. Don’t forget that Earth Divers was also optioned and is out this week.