Scout Comics discount code

Scout Comics just came out with discount code VDAY2021 (all caps) good for:

-Trade Paperbacks
-Graded Books
-Mystery Boxes (Black Caravan, The Source, Deluxe Boxes Only)

You can get the $100 limited Black Caravan (Electric Black just optioned) limited to 100 boxes for $50 + shipping.

That’s what I bought.

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Thanks for the info!

which cover came in the Black Caravan one? I ordered the White Ash book earlier this week from them and haven’t heard anything about shipping yet

Thanks for the heads up. I grabbed a Black Caravan box as well, 20% chance of getting a Phantom Starkiller VHS secret variant and The Electric Black #1-4. They also throw in a few other extras.

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I ordered one 2 weeks ago and got the VHS Phantom Starkiller. Pretty cool!


Nice! Hopefully I’ll get one as well. At that price it was worth a shot.


The Black Caravan boxes are sold out now.