Scout Comics Forever Maps

Forever Maps is in development as a feature film with Josh Campbell and Matthew Stueken(10 Cloverfield Lane) adapting.

I need to look for my copy.

I maybe have a copy in a shortbox, somewhere. Hm.

Scout actually said this was going to be optioned weeks ago on a podcast.

Interesting to see how this does since it’s essentially just a preview of the trade. No other issues scheduled to be published individually.

All of Scouts books are apparently “optioned”… meh… let me know when it actually goes into “production” with a “pilot” episode scheduled…


Feels like every indy book that comes out lol, and Scout books tend to have a new issue get hot and then fall off, hows that “It Eats What Feeds It” book doing, can’t remember last time a new issue even came out

The problem with “options” is they can just play the game of… “Oh, we’re not allowed to reveal any more details”… I think it’s just now a way for publishers (indie publishers) to create hype to market their books.

Scout seems to be more about pumping up there books but then they fizzle. Most of the series are one shots or maybe 3 issues. Im kind of done with them.

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I dont even bother with scout books anymore. They are more interested in publishing books to get a movie or tv show out of it.


I’ve only bought a few to read. I do admit, Yasmeen is a great read. It Eats was good too, being just a limited series but it sure does seem like most aren’t as consistent with the subsequent issues to follow and sometimes it seems I don’t even know if or when the “full Trade hits” on the titles they want to do a first issue and then a trade for the complete story…

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I’ve enjoyed Yasmeen too. I know it isn’t a Specific true story but it is based off some real life experiences— Horrible that people have had to experience stuff like that. I think I’m going to have my wife read that one too. She likes real life stories.——- It Eats was good, but the ending was a bit of a mess. I think Everglades Angels had some potential too but they cut the story kind of short.

From Scout, I’ve been reading “Children of the Grave” and liked the first issue, 2nd comes out this week.

Midtown must be having some kind of sale.

Forever Maps 1 $2.25

All sold out at midtown. But that was a good price.

Midtown must constantly be cash strapped. They’re basically JCPenneys at this point; they’re always having a sale and the sale price has become the “real” price.


Yup, after they stopped being DC distributor they went into full on “It’s on Sale” mode…


Hey at least been able to get some decent books lately at cover price vs secondary market prices so can’t complain how they running their biz.

But yes you are correct some of their high pricing vs sale price is gimmicky lol

I have noticed after they stopped being a DC distributor they def processing orders much faster.

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Back up if you are fast enough and you really ‘want’ this book

Forever Maps 1 $2.25