Scout Comics Metal - Electric Black 1

On sale now - ltd to 100

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These are changing back and forth from in stock to sold out, keep trying if interested. I tried once and it sold out after going thru Paypal but just bought one.

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They sell out almost immediately each time. That’s why I posted as soon as I got the email. Well, after I bought my 2 of course.

I purchased at 11:28 am but it was showing sold out prior to that time. They may not releasing them all at the same moment.
I got the metal Phantom last week in a monthly box so awesome getting another to go with it!

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I haven’t gotten one in my monthly box, but was able to buy all 3 so far. Of course, I flipped my Phantom Starkiller for a nice profit. Still have Glarien up for sale. I think I might hold the Electric Blacks until the show comes out.

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Yea this is definitely a hold for a trailer or some other news closer to release

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CGC grades metal cover books? If they do, is 9.9 or 10 common?

Yes, CGC grades metal covers. Usually you can get high grades 9.8+ because the covers are so hard to damage.

I have a Metal Cover Black Friday 1 Alan Quah that I can’t Seem to move. It’s from Hive Comics, not direct from Scout though. My Scout Phantom Starkiller was an easy sell though.

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I was far too slow.

Not a metal cover, but there appears to be a second printing of Electric Black #1 that will come out in June.

Yeah, I pointed this out in my April Indie Highlights…

It only took them 2 years to release the 2nd printing… :thinking:

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Don’t feel bad. I tried about 3 minutes after I saw the email in my inbox and they were already out.

Don’t worry, I’m sure there was only actually 50 available as they’ll have these in their Scout boxes to offload all the other comics they can’t seem to sell at a later time… you’ll get your chance at a mystery box… :wink:

It Eats What Feeds It #1 - Metal Cover currently available.

Picked up my usual 2

They look fantastic, thinking about framing metal covers for my office.

picked up my usual 2 – but these have been tougher flips of late.

The purple of Count Draco Knuckleduster looks great in metal, will eventually display next to Phantom Starkiller metal. Still available at Scouts website which is surprising.