SCOUT NYCC 2020 Variants Live

Supposedly using the code NYCC2020 gets you 50% off any NYCC comics past or present. It isn’t working for me so I haven’t bought anything yet. Some cool virgin variants, including for the first issue of, “It Eats What Feeds It.” I just want that 50% to work…

Update: I put in an old NYCC 2020 item with the new stuff and then it gave me 50% off everything NYCC-related that is new or old as it is supposed to do!

Cool picked up a It Eats What Feeds It #1 NYCC 2020. Thanks!

Me too! TY all!

I was able to snag a couple of the IEWFI #1’s and a pair of the Phantom Starkiller #1’s. NYCC2020 worked perfect for the hefty 50% off!