Scout signs distribution deal with Lunar

Unlike DC, this deal is non-exclusive, but Lunar has a good track record on delivering on time and without damages. (unlike Diamond, IMHO)

From their release:

March 1, 2021 – Scout Comics & Entertainment Holdings Inc. is proud to announce that it is expanding its comic book, trade paperback and merchandise programs by signing a non-exclusive distribution deal with Lunar Distribution effective immediately. Scout Comics and all of its subsidiaries (Black Caravan, Scoot!, Outsider Comics & Tracker Collectibles) will also be available on Lunar’s platform beginning in April for June release.

“Since the launch of Scout in 2015, I have watched the company grow exponentially over the years and it’s been exciting to see more and more comic stores and fans discover our A-list titles and talent. We are thrilled for Lunar to help get our books into readers’ hands, and for more people than ever to discover the unique brand of Scout excellence.” – Brendan Deneen, CEO of Scout Comics

Lunar distribution is currently a distributor of DC Comics and is committed to providing their Direct Market partners the best products, price, and customer service. Their customers receive their merchandise quickly, accurately and as carefully packed as possible. They are continually growing and always striving to improve in every facet of the business.

“We are excited to partner with Scout and provide distribution for their products to retailers. Their continued growth and commitment to diverse comics will make a great addition to the Lunar family. All new Scout product will be offered on FOC each week along with all DC Comic titles.”–Christina Merkler, co-owner, Lunar Distribution

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This is going to make a lot of work for Scout. Not only tracking shipments and orders from 3 distributors, but just balancing stock and deciding what goes in what warehouse and in what quantities.


I think it’s their initial phase to just get rid of conducting business with Diamond.

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For a smaller publisher trying to grow, moving away from the most widely used distributor for comics (regardless of said distributor’s issues) doesn’t make much sense, though.

That’s true but I’ve gotten the sense Scout has been trying to move away since they were already working with some retailers to do direct shipments from what I’ve gathered… Plus they seem to be pretty big on direct sales through their website.

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Two questions:
1)It says non-exclusive, so doesnt that mean they will also still use others?
2)would scout be arriving at stores the same day as DC? If so, seems like a good thing, now I get to go to the store twice a week :slight_smile:

Yes, the way it reads, it means those with Diamond accounts can still order through Diamond.