Scout subscription box

Included in my monthly subscription box, metal cover edition limited to 100. Lucked out this month, will keep the subscription for a while.


Nice - I’ve been on the Scout box for a while. Hope I get lucky with mine even though I already bought the metal Starkiller. Really interesting that you got a number that low. It’s like they seeded some in the subscription boxes before releasing them for sale.

I saw the metal Starkiller email 2 hours after it was sent out and was way too late.

yeah, you pretty much have to jump on as soon as the email hits to lock one in. So far I’ve been lucky and gotten both Glarien and Starkiller.

Scout monthly box included a foil edition of Stake #3. Wasn’t sure it was special until I saw the standard cover on shelf. Anyone else get the foil or metal?

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Yea I got one of those too. It’s probably exclusive to the box

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I sold an subscription box exclusive of Galactic rodents of mayhem for $50 a few months ago

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