ScreenRant - Spider-Man Hasn't Met Thor or Hulk? What?

Writer goes into this long article about how Spider-Man hasn’t met Thor or Hulk but he did…

I’m pretty sure they met at Tony’s funeral, they’re all standing next to one another. Sure it was a quick scene and it’s not some action scene but I’m pretty certain they mingled together at the funeral before and after.

Screenrant apparently doesn’t have comments or the writer doesn’t have contact info, so I could point out they wasted their time with their crap article someone forgot to fact check.


What’s really funny is they state this on their site:

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Just imagine what other stories that other news organizations have put out there. Do you think they’ve all been fact checked? What about stories that organizations censor? Big stories, big organizations. News SUCKS.


Stay focused… on this one please!

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Must be a slow news day if they’re grasping at content like this

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It’s not like they had a lengthy meet and greet, but they were in the big battle against Thanos at the same time. So they at least saw each other on the battlefield.

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That as well. They couldn’t spend the time to stop and do all scenes after the battle was over to show the meet and greets but they likely happened as I’m sure they all gathered around Iron Man while he was dying or died.