Scumbag Ratio Variants for Pre-Order

Yo Scumbags, not you the comic, ratio variants are up for pre-order on TFAW

Scumbag #1 1:10 Variant

Scumbag #1 1:25 Ratio Variant

Scumbag #1 1:50 Silver Foil Ratio Variant

You’re like the worst offender of not doing categories… BOO!!! :wink:

I said Yo Scumbag and look who was the first to comment. Now you see why he is chained in the basement.


Was able to add the 1:10 and 1:25 about an hour ago. The 1:50 said quantity(1) not available at that time. Not sure if the 1:100 was ever posted.

I should smite you on your own forums… :wink:

Please do. I need a break.



Cmon Poyo…cut him some slack…it’s not like he created 2 separate threads just for TFAW ratios and still created a new one for this…:wink:

I just like giving him a hard time cause I LOVE ANTHONY! :stuck_out_tongue:

They get muddy. So I started a new one since it wasn’t a bunch of different ratios. Just one title.

FOC for it isn’t until Monday so most of the incentives should be put up sometime that morning. Usually on Friday’s purchasing just puts up a few per title.

So he is saying keep checking back on those links.

Oh I know. Just giving you a hard time.